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After running hundreds of dental market campaigns for our clients, we can tell you that good SEO begins with thorough research into current marketing conditions and keywords. If you want your website ranking high on searches, gone are the days of backhanded techniques. Allow us to make the most of your SEO strategy while staying within the guidelines and getting patients organically.

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    How will we use Dental SEO to get you more patients?

    Using SEO to optimize your website usually involves two particular aspects:

    • On-Site Optimization: This includes ranking factors such as optimized title tags and descriptions, fresh content, quality images with optimized alt tags, good internal linking and much more.
    • Off-Site optimization: Positive online reviews, Videos, link building, building social media presence etc

    The most important part of any good SEO is ensuring your website is providing your users with great UX (User experience). Ranking on major search engines like Google is no longer about trying to figure out what their algorithm (equation) for calculating rankings or trying to trick the search engines. By using on-site and off-site optimization factors, we can assure you of a high ranking website that provides visitors with a great user experience.

    Dental SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
    Dental SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

    What We Avoid:

    • Spammy black hat linking
    • Out dated linking building
    • Over saturating content with target keyword
    • Trying to track search engines

    What we do:

    • Unique and high value blogging
    • Great content
    • Fast loading websites
    • Accurate and convincing meta tags
    • Intuitive website navigation
    • All round good user experience

    Looking to achieve optimization? The average person doesn’t have the knowledge, tools or time to effectively compete against professionals trying to rank their competitors websites online. If you would like help to make your dental clinic more dominant in your target area, contact our team at Grow Marketing on 1300 669 618 and we can help you to generate more bookings and rank higher with our high performing SEO services.

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