Dental Marketing Step 5 – Fix your site

The one place all your marketing efforts hinge upon

Lets do some vary rough numbers for us to illustrate the importance of having a ‘high converting’ website. Not just one that looks good, but one that will help you get ranked and will also motivate visitors to become bookings.

A dental clinic might spend $2k per month on its digital marketing, that’s $24k per year and $72k over 3 years (minimum lifetime of a website).

Now let’s assume a well designed website is just 15% more likely to convert a visitor into a booking, enquiry etc. That amounts to over $10k in extra marketing budget results. Now let’s say that each dollar you put in yields just $20. That works out to $200,000 worth of revenue a better website will net you over a 3 year period, so don’t ask how much it costs when you choose a web designer to build your website (within reason), ask them what am I getting for my money? How are you going to ensure that our website will result in bookings for us? The problem with most web designers is just that, they are web designers who think about design and the aesthetic. However as a business owner/manager all  you are really worried about is revenue whilst still ensuring the design represents your brand well.

What is a ‘high converting’ website? There are a multitude of answers to this however a very high level answer is as follows.

A high converting website is one that has its components all optimised towards converting visitors to bookings, purchases, enquiries etc. It will have strong CTAs (Call to Action), the site will be intuitive to use and be built with UX (user experience) as first and foremost. The website will load fast, images will be optimised so they are no larger than they need to be and don’t waste precious time loading.

Retail companies spend millions of dollars yearly on retail psychology, not because they like to waste money but because understand how your customers think is vital in increasing the likelihood of purchase, or in your case, booking. With any customer there are a series of barriers that must be overcome before they purchase (or book). These barriers to purchase vary depending on the product or service being sold but the most important thing to realise is that until you overcome these barriers, you aren’t going to be efficiently converting your website visitors into bookings. A good marketing agency will build a website that well thought out, breaking down barriers to booking that are standing in the way of website visitors deciding to pick up the phone or go to the booking form and make the booking. These barriers could be simple things such as, “are you a good dentist?”, “how long have you been operating?”, “will you minimise the pain that can be caused during a dental procedure?” etc. The more of these barriers that are broken down through smart web design, the greater the number of visitors that are going to be converted into bookings will be.

Once you have your campaigns running and traffic is landing on your website and they are being converted into phone calls, bookings, enquiries then the rest is basically to ensure the business is able to operate efficiently and accommodate and grow with the influx of customers. The most important part in all of this is to ensure that you have the right team with the right mindset and skill set to support you in achieving all of this.

As always stay tuned for the next installment in our posts where we discuss what you should be doing in your clinic to maximise your recall, retention and customer satisfaction. If you want any help from our experienced dental marketing team at BizGrow, you can contact them on 1300 669 618 and ask to speak to someone on the dental marketing team. Also don’t forget to sign up for our insightful newsletters for all things marketing on the right hand of this page. 


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